SoJo’s Foundation was created in 2007 by former professional basketball player, Isaac Sojourner.  The purpose of creating SoJo’s Foundation was to expand the horizons of Japanese youth through the beautiful sport of basketball and to give them the tools to be a successful basketball player.  Japanese youth have a sincere interest in basketball however they lacked the guidance and support to be truly great at it.  SoJo’s Foundation helped fill that void.  Now. Isaac Sojourner has brought Sojo’s Foundation and those same principals and goals to Oregon in hopes of helping guide the local youth to improving their basketball skills.

“The reason I started Sojo’s Foundation is because there is a need for Japanese Basketball youth to grow up in the sport.  There is a very basic and simple formula to follow;  a need for more meaningful outdoor courts,  good solid teachings of the fundamentals,  nurture the athletes through positive re-enforcement,  understanding of their own health and growth,  continuing to give back to the basketball community.”

Currently, SoJo’s Foundation is holding private basketball lessons.  If you are interested in a private lesson,  group clinics or group camps, please contact us.

SoJo’s Foundation News Articles

Sojourner promoting the game on and off the court

Sojourner Continues with Charitable Efforts

  1. Russell Pollard says:

    Now this is what I’m talking about Mr. Fury. This is professional, visually attractive, and has just enough of a street theme to make it ghetto for the real ballers. You did this right my friend. Congrats!

  2. Mac says:

    Way to go Isaac…I went through the da whole site and its good…I like it! I know this is gonna be a success fo ya bruh, keep up da hard work!

  3. LOVELIFE says:


  4. D says:

    Great work. Im feeling the site!

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